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I’m pleased to be co-organizing a session with scholar Ann Tartsinis at the 2020 CAA conference in Chicago. It will be held on Friday, February 14, 2020, at the most excellent time slot of: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

The topic reflects feelings we both have about sometimes being fish out of water in trying to negotiate the inter/trans/extra-disciplinary nature of fashion studies. For me, I often question what and how a conservator is supposed to approach fashion studies. Here is the session brief:

Is there a correct or wrong way to do fashion studies? The field has rapidly grown ever since the 1998 issue of Fashion Theorysurveyed the methodological status of its emergence. The major concern then was identifying and reconciling what dress historian Lou Taylor termed “the great divide” between practice-based (museum-oriented) and theoretical-based (academia-oriented) approaches to the study of fashion. Since then, approaches using fashion as a lens to engage and explore our material and visual world have exploded, uniting scholars from disparate academic disciplines—from art and design history to anthropology, among others—under what we now call “fashion studies”. Fashion deeply resonates as a scholarly subject for those concerned with debates on gender, modernity, and globalization as well as other sites of critical inquiry. The question remains: where does fashion studies begin and end? Is fashion studies research permitted to travel across or exist between disciplinary borders? Might we frame fashion studies as fundamentally interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary and/or cross-disciplinary? There remains much anxiety around policing the boundaries of scholarly discourse, leading to questions of legitimacy and membership (Who is allowed to do this? What are the requisite credentials?) What is the state of the field and how might we advance the understanding of fashion studies as a central node in a dynamic constellation of research areas across the humanities and sciences?

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to Jun 21

A Challenging Dimension: The Conservation and Research of Costume and Accessories

I am a member of the organizing committee for a groundbreaking conference on the conservation and research of costume and accessories held at the Abegg-Stiftung and hosted by ICOM-CC Textile Working Group. We have a stellar program of papers focusing on object histories, scientific advances, exhibition and display techniques, and more. Besides moderating sessions, I am sitting on a panel discussing methodological approaches to fashion conservation with professionals that have had a huge influence on my work, including Dinah Eastop and Mary Brooks. I can’t wait!

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2:00 PM14:00

Fashion Curation Panel

I’m thrilled to part of this panel on fashion curation alongside so many people I admire!


Marco Pecorari, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Program Director, MA Fashion Studies, Parsons Paris 
Sarah Scaturro, Head Conservator, The Costume Institute, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Simona Segre Reinach, Associate Professor of Fashion Studies, Bologna University
Karen van Godtsenhoven, Associate Curator, The Costume Institute, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Annamari Vänskä, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Fashion Research, Department of Design, Aalto University 

Moderated by: 

Hazel Clark, Ph.D., FRSA, Professor of Fashion Studies and Design Studies, Parsons School of Design
Francesca Granata, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies, Parsons School of DesignI

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6:00 PM18:00

The Future of Artisans

I’m looking forward to being a panel speaker at a private, invite-only event hosted by the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator. Using the topic of “the future of artisans” as a prompt, I’ll be joined on the panel by Taryn Bird, Director of Kate Spade's On Purpose program, Kristin Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer for Nest, and Dr. Mary McBride, Chair of Pratt’s Design Management graduate program. After the panel, the curated guest list will engage in break out conversations on  globalization, urbanization, finance and new technologies influencing the sustainability of craft in an era of fast fashion.


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Costume Colloquium VI: Textiles in Fashion

I'm thrilled to be one of the only conservators presenting at the renowned international Costume Colloquium held in Florence, Italy. Taking this year's theme of "textiles in fashion" as my cue, my paper is called "Triumph and Tragedy: Polyurethane's Fashionable Rise and Chemical Fall".  The topic builds off of my PhD studies into the preservation and conservation of polyurethane.

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